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S c r a p b o o k was one of the first webcams on the Internet (1994),
the longest continuously running cam using a QuickCam, and is the original antcam.

A special thanks to Steve Levine, President, Uncle Milton Industries, Inc. ( for granting permission to use Ant Farm name
and distinctive designs on this website.

rule graphic was shown in a national tv advertising campaign by Microsoft. was shown in a national tv advertising campaign by Sony Computers. was mentioned in Playboy magazine. was mentioned in The Washington Post in an article, Washington Web Guide, June 23, 1996, by Rajiv Chandrasekaran.

St. Louis, MO


Washington, DC


Baltimore, MD


Washington Examiner
Washington, DC


Wichita, KS


The Washington Times
Washington, DC


Baltimore, MD


USA Today


10 Connects
St Petersburg, FL


6 ABC Action News
Philadelphia, PA


iNews 880 AM


Star 94 FM
Atlanta, GA



Greensboro, NC

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